by Jennifer Adock Author, Lucy Greaves Author and Gabriela Wiener Author

"How could I enjoy unfaithfulness without sacrificing Sunday movie nights and breakfasts in bed? How could I savor the excitement of a secret rendezvous but still cuddle with someone who loved and protected me?...I wanted it all, and I decided to subvert love, that imperfect model, the deadly trap that had hopelessly condemned me to the miseries of a double life."

Sexographies is an amazing memoir and is definitely not one for those of more conservative leanings, it's feminist as fuck, kinky as fuck, it's morbid and sincere and so very very human. Told in first-person accounts, Peruvian journalist Gabriela Wiener infiltrates one of the most dangerous Peruvian prisons, has sex in swingers clubs, travels with prostitutes in Paris, undergoes egg donation, ingests ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle--all the while taking readers on her inner journey where she explores immigration, maternity, the fear of death and threesomes. This book is one hell of a ride.