$20 Superpack: All About Zines—What, How, & Why!

$20 Superpack: All About Zines—What, How, & Why!

by Joe Biel Author, Bill Brent Author, Stephen Duncombe Author and Super Pack! Author

Combining the "How" (Make a Zine), the "What" (Zine Yearbook #9), and the "Why" (Notes from Underground), this superpack will give you the motivational kick in the pants to start producing zines!

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I work with teens in high school in Australia as a behavioural support teacher. I have been thinking for ages now about encouraging my group of young peeps to produce a fanzine, especially aimed at giving them a voice and with an underlying aim to challenge the stereotypical images they are presented through mainstream media.....i was into fanzines as a teen myself and put together a zine back in London.....but that was at least 15 years ago so it would be great to see what is happening in todays social media influenced climate ....thank you so much, Louisa