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$25 Superpack: The Gore-icle!

by Ariel Gore Author and Super Pack! Author

You may have heard of Ariel Gore from her long running magazine Hip Mama... or from one or another of her many books and zines on a wide range of topics, from motherhood to happiness to how to be a writer for real. What her diverse range of work has in common is a thread of candid memoir that never turns maudlin, a major dose of feminist perspective, and a democratic approach to showcasing the voices of her fellow writers. 

 We're excited to offer these three books, each of which is an excellent jumping off point to explore Gore's work: Portland Queer brings together a fascinating array of writers on their experiences outside the hetero box in Portland, Oregon. The People's Apocalypse compiles voices of regular & radical folks about the implications of climate (and other sorts of) crisis on their own lives, actions, and choices. And finally, Gore's memoir All the Pretty People is a queer love story that captures an iconic moment of 1970s California culture.