patch with person of throwing car into a trash can

Patch #110Throw Away Corvette

by Joe Biel Author

Put the automobile where it belongs: in the trashcan. Society can't afford to subsidize them. The lobbies are too powerful. Not to mention the traffic? Could you imagine the space we’d have and how many less deaths due to accidents? Or you couldn’t simply join the car pool club: When you see a car, put it in a pool.

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Corvette lady just made me love this even more.


now i can dumpster a car. eh.


All Corvettes are beautiful and each generation, from 1953 to the current 2008, is Corvette completely. Each generation is beautiful & should be respected. The American Sports Caris a legendary icon with a rich racing history--past, present & future. Corvette owners wave to each other even though we don't know each other! It's awesome camaraderie because of what we drive. I drive a gorgeous 2006 that still retains the curves & power of the pasat & the wonderful technology of today. I am a Corvette fanatic & you're the one who should be thrown away---not the gorgeous & sexy American Sports Car. Keep your lousy opinion to yourself---the Corvette came first, so these other Corvette "wannabees" look like it, not the other way around. You're just jealous because you probably can't afford one! Dream on loser!!!!!! You need to grow up.


The car looks more like a Camaro/Firebird to me...