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Patch #016Organize

by Cliff Harper Author

Want to change the world? Here's your first step.

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depends on your understanding of anarchism. anarcho-syndicalism is unionized, but the "power" is spread out over the workers rather than bosses and bureaucrats.


Anarchy is order.-Pierre Proudhoun


Anarchism does include individual thinking, but it doesn't say that oganization is bad. There's a difference between organization and a hierarchical system. Lots of anarchist/radical social action has been successful thanks to organization, like Food Not Bombs, and all kinds of protests. The difference is that everyone is on the same level and has a voice, whereas in a hierarchical system, some have all the power and all the vocal chords, and so many others are left to starve. Obviously not the only difference between anarchism and the system, but it's a pretty big one.


doesnt organization defeat the purpose of anarchy, total disorder and individual thinking?