The word “sabotage” written above an arm holding a hammer.

Patch #097Sabotage

by Cliff Harper Author

It’s time to sabotage the plans of the wicked! Or maybe you’re just trying to sabotage the fact that you keep procrastinating on your goals! Well this stops now! Get a patch as a reminder of what needs to be done and start working! Artwork by Clifford Harper!

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Creation cannot exist without destruction, and vise versa. The point of sabatoge is that we must DESTROY the things that restrain us, lessen us, and control us, so that we may CREATE a better tommorrow. It's taking today what tommorrow never brings.


Mike? Bollocks it is. They can both be positively applied depending on what it is that's being created or destroyed but they're opposites as far as the defintions go.


Destruction is a sort of creation


Destruction is sometimes necessary.


That's kind of mindless. Create, do not destroy.