Patch #071: Deport Illegal Immigrants

Patch #071Deport Illegal Immigrants

by Danny Noonan Author

It’s time to face some harsh facts. If you weren’t the first people to live on this land all those years ago, then you’re an immigrant. Better yet, 99% of anyone here that isn’t Native American or Indigenous to this land, are immigrants. There isn’t much we can change about that now, but we can change how history is being told. It’s time to tell the real tale, not the one of Christoper Columbus we were taught as children. The bare, brutal, truth. It’s the least we can do for all the harm caused. Let their voices be heard again.

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if they made this patch "politically correct", it would appeal to no one.
stereotypes are sometimes usable to an advantage.


the point was, blatant genocide is still alive and well in our culture.


I would say that yes, this is a stereotype, but one not far from the truth. This is absolutely not the way all indigenous peoples of north america dressed at all times, but it is a very realistic example of ceremonial clothing of a northern plains male, which is the most recognizable image of "indians" in the american mind.

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How the hell is that a stereotype?? That is how the Indians used to dress and they didn't find thier clothes goofy it's just how they use to dress.


there's more to this picture than some people might be noticing. it's a total stereotype of an "indian". this guy has goofy, intricate clothes on, feathers and braids in his hair, is older, and looks dumb and lazy. whereas i'd think the average was a young woman or girl with simple clothing and who worked hard but also enjoyed some positive leisure time. to me, this picture is ironically ridiculing the rediculousness of anti-immigrant people, not being straight-up offensive to all [non-indian] americans.

p.s. people educate yourself and think before you post! i agree with Misko, travis, and anarquista. even though it's true that indians originally came here from somewhere else, and some cultures did have a negative impact on the native flora and fauna, and some were "warring tribes", it is also true that the english, french, spanish, americans, mexicans, you name it, exploited and murdered and stole land from and oppressed indians like nobody's business, and it's apples and oranges.


In reality we really don't know who came first into the U.S. but supposeably it was the indians. But anyways the point is that every one that lives in the United States has been an immigarnat. Or comes from immigrant ancestory. No ONE has the right to discriminate against them because they work very hard and try to make a better living for them and their families. Asians, Europeans, Mexicans, South Americans, Central Americans, Austrians every one all over the world migrate to the U.S. to start a better life not to kill or take away tarritories. But what I disagree with the most is how all people that are Americans now keep arguing that they want all the immigrants out. If they killed and stole the land from the indians. And the indians had no say so if they spoke out the Settler wouldn't listen. I think you just have to be oopen minded about every thing in order to understand matters better.


Illegal immigrants need to be treated better. they are sometimes held in county prisons, with people who don't speak their language. kids can be held in junivile prisons. we also treat them like our slaves. thaey are humans too!


the habit of "well we did it, but they did it too and it was worst!" is the first symptom of spineless liberalism, lizzygirl. you have to deal with your society's wrongs first, not others. and just because things we're purchased in a market economy doesn't mean it was right to purchase it.


I don't think you understand... When we purchased native land, we didn't purchase it from a whole tribe. We purchased lands from one person. When we purchased slaves, we didn't purchase the slaves at their own consent. In both accounts, the purchased 'item' wasn't the seller's to have sold. The land belonged to the people living on it, not the person with the most self-proclaimed authority. The slaves belonged to themselves, not to anyone who was more powerful than them.
Just because a monetary amount was exchanged for these things doesn't mean it isn't stealing (which is one of the most basic points in anti-capitalism).


If you believe that the indians stole land from one another, you are naive. You've been watching too many Kevin Costner movies.


Someone needs a history lesson.
1. We purchased land from Mexican Emperor Maxmillan who needed to pay off some heavy duty debts.
2. We purchased the island of Manhattan
3. We purchased the territory of Alaska
We did not take any of the land above
4. We purchased slaves from BLACK slave traders--Africans selling their own people captured as booty from tribal wars. The slave trade has been alive and well since ancient times. The Romans had slaves, the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians. Who do you think built the pyramids? The British Empire forbade slavery in the British Isles but allowed it in many of its territorial possessions. They even allowed slave ships to tie up in their home ports.
Slavery and our treatment of the American Indian is indeed a blot on our history and our souls. For whatever reason, indigenous peoples always seem to suffer when peoples outside their world enter in. The Russians abused the Inuit and the Polynesians didn't fare much better at the hands of the Americans or the British. Please stop the hand wringing. We are no worse than the world at large--in some ways we are a good deal better in our tolerance of different beliefs and cultures. We have come along way, and we need to lead the way in making the world a better place for all.


Just because Indians may have come across the Bering Strait at on epoint doesn't justify all the whites coming over and taking the land for themselves and oppressing the indigenous people.


The United States is full of lazy people that don't have anything else to whine about or anyone else to blame. If anything Americans are indians and everything else is stolen land from someone so the "americans" can go back where THEY came from.


I'm AmerInd + I wish I had this patch, I like it a lot but it seems like it's only the white kids who can get away with walking around in public wearing things like this--I'd just be harassed/questioned. Ah well, such is life. Maybe one day...


I take this patch to be pointing out exactly how ludicrous it is that (vast majority) whites push for "deport(ing) 'illegal immigrants'" when whites took this land, violently and underhandedly (the United States has violated every treaty ever signed with Native American peoples), from Native Americans (AND Mexicans) not THAT long ago. Whites also imported vast numbers of PEOPLE from distant lands and cultures as slaves, with many other accultured groups arriving later on, making America the culturally and ethnically diverse "melting pot" that it is. (white) People using the guise of "'Homeland' Security" or "protecting OUR jobs" or "protecting OUR borders (minutemen)" are, in my opinion, simply racists looking for an excuse to keep "those people" out, regardless of what color "those people" happen to be (basically, any color but white). Viva la UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS!


Yes, but the indians were the first ones here. They didn't kill anyone and steal the land. Not only that, but they were very frugal with the land and the animals on it.


Indians were immigrants to the Americas at one point as well.