Patch #075: Angel with Cut Wings

Patch #075Angel with Cut Wings

They try to cut off our wings and succumb us to their norms! Fight for your rights to be free and fly towards your dreams! If you’ve ever felt your wings tied down by any unfairness done to you in life, then you might relate to this patch. 

A woodblock-esque image of an angel's wings being sheared off by a person with a large pair of scissors. Image screen-printed on canvas. Patches are available in multiple colors (Microcosm will randomly choose the color for you) and are intentionally asymmetrical and raw looking.

Comments & Reviews


Since I think so highly of myself I will give my interpretation. The fucker looks like Santa Claus so it's like how corporations took the holiday of christmas and turned it into something corporate, and ruining the purity of the idea of a holiday about giving. Just my interpretation. Not that it's worth a damn.


Wow at all these interpretations. Regardless of the artist's intent, I think it ended up here because it's representational of any sort of injustice and oppression...which we can all relate to.


People are wondering who would do this.....somebody who is greedy, selfish, or is benefiting from it in some way....there's too many of those people in our world!


It resembles a fallen angel. One whos done something bad bad and deserves to be be'winged.


Actually, the 'cutter' is holding the scissors such that if he were to push them down, he would be opening the blades further apart. Otherwise, if he is actually trying to cut the wings, he's holding the scissors in quite an awkward position, and isn't going to get the best leverage. So really, no wings will be cut here.


I think it's just mean. The man is jealous of the Angel's purity and wants to remove it forever


So Saddddd... who can be this CRUELLLLLLL???


It's very impressive though horrible, I can't imagine the pain if someone would cut off my wings like that!


They will never cut our wings


When angels no longer have their wings, myth is that they become mortal...but yeah, whoever drew that got the idea from a lot of different paintings and movies...Constantine, being one of them.


It looks like some picture out of an old text book or something.


I don`t feel good aftar this picture :(


If I met you in a scissor fight
I'd cut off both your wings on principle alone


Every painting or picture means something...especially if it dates back to a certain era...and your friend who drew this 10 years ago, he copied it from a very old painting that I saw on the discovery channel watching some shit on angels and God!!!




Mason, you got that from dogma. I think Kevin Smith made that fact up.


It's anti-religious for sure.


The way I looked at it, was that people are cutting away at our freedom... I dunno, maybe thats just me


where did this image come from? it's one of my favorite patches.


Who the angel is and who's cutting can be interpreted. But it is worth pointing out that cutting of an angels wings is said to make it mortal.


I have this artwork tattooed and it really dosen't have a singular specific meaning. The fact that it is so interpretable is what I like about it so much.


yea, its cool looking but if someone could explain the meaning........


What is this supposed to illustrate? The thought of work severing the wings of the dreamer? Or Anti-Religion? I can't figure it out!


This is just so cool. Wow.

This was drawn about 10 years ago by a friend from Amsterdam. I got it as a tattoo back in 1998 or so. It doesn't mean anything specific. Stop asking.