an illustrated printing press with two figures tending to it and various phrases printed in the background against an orange backdrop

Inkworks Press Poster

by Justseeds Author

Founded in 1973 by activists in Berkeley, California, Inkworks Press was created because "Freedom of the Press belongs only to those who own one." With this guiding principle in mind and an old offset press inherited from a trade school, Inkworks would go on to hand a megaphone to communities on the frontlines of class struggle and other fights for equity around the Bay Area. For over 35 years, Inkworks fought for a world where everyone has the chance to say their piece. And while they closed their doors in 2015, other organizations have taken up the mantle and are continuing their good work to this day. This poster commemorates the efforts Inkworks made, and is part of the Celebrate People's History series. Grab a copy and stick it up in your home or your classroom and let others know about this piece of Bay Area history.