How to Make a Decision (vertical)

How to Make a Decision (vertical)

by Joe Biel Author

Life is full of major decisions and often we get lost and mired in the slog of figuring out what's best for us, or worse, comparing ourselves to others. This poster outlines how we make decisions at Microcosm, what goes into them and how to assess criteria for achieving the results you desire rather than bumbling through the motions.

This poster is part of the continuing effort at Microcosm to create a lasting legacy of who we are and what we do so others can recreate our success from the bread crumbs we leave behind.

This is the version for analytical brains. We have a separate design for artistic brains that looks more like the solar system in a horizontal orientation.



*Have your poster shipped in a Poster Tube for extra protection! Posters not shipped in tubes will be folded in half for packaging and are more subject to wear while shipping.*