How to Thrive How to Starve - [pink and blue two column poster] Pink, how to thrive column has a white silhouette of someone rejoicing, how to starve column has a silhouette defeated.

How to Thrive / How to Starve

by Joe Biel Author

Recently, an artist friend celebrated a modicum of success after five years of hard work. Many people cheered and celebrated but one person felt left out and lashed out in a jealous rage. Why weren't they celebrating a big success? They worked hard too. It's an easy trap to fall into and we've all done it.

Fortunately, the reality is that there is enough pie to go around if we don't react like it's a scarcity economy. Our feelings dictate not only how other people interpret our actions but the rewards and response that we receive. There is enough to go around if we realize it and act like it. Put this poster on your wall and start to thrive.

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