Sticker #230(Stop) Driving

by Stop Stop Author

A bleedin' classic statement to adorn stop signs at your leisure. (Hint: It goes under "STOP"). Now in newer, huger size! 6x18"!! Or alternately, a great oversized "I'd rather be..." sticker for your classic 70s car! 

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HAHA! I agree Tommy, Antisemitic War Propaganda is not even slightly applicable to our nation's Stop signs! We are entirely Anti Arab....


yes but isn't the point that the stop sign is driving-related? the sticker becomes no longer clever. just "global warming" "polluting" or "oil wars" too would work, not the other ideas, alan. and what the hell is the "antisemitic war propaganda" about? if anything this war is anti-arabic, or pro-business in the guise of anti-arabic... but um i do admit "hammertime" would be muy funny. here's my vote for that one.


and RAPE.


I agree with the necessity of a HAMMERTIME sticker. Also, I suggest "THAT TRAIN, I WANNA GET OFF" and "BLOGGING."


Yeah you should make a bunch of these saying stuff like: WAR, POVERTY, RACISM, SEXISM, BUSH, REPUBLICIANS, GLOBALWARMING, DEFORESTATION, POLLUTING, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, HOMOPHOPIA, ANTISEMTIC WAR PROPAGANDA, and last but not least HAMMERTIME. Then you could sell them all together in one pack and individually. Those stickers would be easier to put up then stenciling the words under stop with white spraypaint.


we've got to make one that just says WAR.