Sticker 049 Keep Driving Cars and We'll Keep Fighting Wars For Oil

Sticker #049Keep Driving Cars and We'll Keep Fighting Wars For Oil

by Joe Biel Author

A hard pill to swallow, but truth nonetheless. We've gotta stop these aweful, greedy wars over oil.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black background. Reads: "keep driving cars, and we'll keep fighting wars for oil" in bold letters. Depicts an image of a car on the left side.)

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Yeah actually the agricultural sector uses more oil in the US than individuals driving cars. The first comment about mangos in January is right on. It's not just lame car culture; it's the entire production/consumption apparatus that is ignorant of a bioregional approach. Ahh fuck but then again it's just a goddamned sticker.


I want one that says "keep buying mangos in January and we'll keep fighting wars for oil" or "Keep buying all your over packaged pre-made vegan food shipped across the country ..." come on. Pick bikes over cars of course, but please stop these delusions of revolutionary grandeur.


If we are not fighting the war in Iraq for CONTROL over oil resources than why are we there? For "freedom"..I think not!


this fckin pisses me off. were not fckin at iraq for oil. jesus fckin christ


Of course cars aren't the only thing using oil. That's just an excuse of someone who refuses to give up theirs.


Thinking we're fighting wars for oil is ignorance. When people are oppressed, nobody's free!


If the US stopped using massive cars and converted them all to smaller ones, it would immediately save 1 million barrels of oil a day of the 84 million burnt around the world, without any other changes to life. But as Bush Sr said, "The American way of life is non-negotiable."


Its true that cars are not the only thing we need oil for. But we need a hell of a lot of oil for driving all of these cars.
Deffering guilt is something that people love doing.


Cars are not the only thing oil is a necessity for. Of course this war is wrong. They all are. Not driving cars is not going to stop the problem. Try a little less knee-jerking and a little more critical thinking.