Sticker 074 america has More Shopping Malls than High Schools

Sticker #074More Shopping Malls than High Schools

by Joe Biel Author

America really does have more shopping malls than highschools. And don't get us started on the funding disparity. How is it that we ended up in a society where consumerism is prioritized over education?

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with black print on a white background. Reads: "America has more shopping malls than highschools" in handprinted letters.)

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That just shows how America's priorities are.


Point taken. I guess being from North Jersey, I hear "mall" and immediately think of the great concrete wasteland that is Willowbrook Mall. So since that's what "mall" means to most people, then yeah, absolutely nothing false about it.


Define shopping mall. A supermarket, a pizza place, a dry cleaners and a parking lot? Maybe. But if we're thinking MALL mall, then no. Just because you read something that scares you, and it fits in as proof of what you believe needs to change about America, it doesn't mean it's true. Of course I do believe we're brainwashed to buy/consume more than we need, as well as placing too much value on material possessions... but some frightening fallacy sold as fact doesn't help.


wow. is that really true? that's disgusting.

Statistic is meant to encompass both conventional malls and strip malls. I don't believe that to be misleading. Go visit the suburbs for further proof!