A young woman wearing elven-like jewelery in her hair and a piano slung across her shoulder.

5 to 9 #3: What's Your #SideHustle? The Music Issue

by ChrisRWK Author, Dave Combs Author and Holly Combs Author

What do you do when you're not working? This 5 to 9 issue interviews people who make music in their spare time. Featuring interviews with a podcaster, rapper, and graphic designer; a punk rocker and music legal specialist; and songwriter, pianist, and marriage family therapist. Learn Rusty Redenbacher's top tips for having music as a sidehustle, and loads more. Don't let your 9 to 5 job get in the way of your passion for music! This zine will teach you to juggle both.

Featured: Dhanya, TruthSeekah, All Suckas Die, Spider, Combust, Zeps, Less Than Jake, Hector Martinez, Andrew Vacante, and Rusty Redenbacher.