Cover of 5to9zine what's your #sidehustle? which features a man crossing his tattooed arms in front of him while standing in front of a wall of products that have OLOC on them

5 to 9 #2: What's your #sidehustle?

by ChrisRWK Author, Dave Combs Author and Holly Combs Author

"We only live once, do what you love while you're able," See One.

It's no secret that usually your 9 to 5 is not what you would be doing if you had a choice...but what if you did have a choice? What are you passionate about, what would you rather be doing with your time? Maybe you can't do that thing full-time because like a lot of us you have debt coming out your ears, but maybe that thing you love so much can be your side hustle and eventually become your full-time!

This zine shares inspiring stories of how people were able to make a career out of their side hustle and stories of those who haven't quite made it there yet but have managed to turn their passion into a successful extra income.