Cover of 5to9zine what's your #sidehustle? which features a man crossing his tattooed arms in front of him while standing in front of a wall of products that have OLOC on them

5 to 9 #2: What's Your #SideHustle?

by ChrisRWK Author, Dave Combs Author and Holly Combs Author

A zine packed full of interviews and photos showcasing people with seriously rad side hustles outside of their regular income-earning work. Pete Brown runs Midwest Street Art with the goal of uplifting graffiti; See One works on a huge and tiny scale, painting murals and creating enamel pins; FreekiTiki makes robots by day and art by night; Toby Morse of the band H2O creates merch that inspires kids to make good choices; Leanna Valente makes multimedia art; Matt and Aaron run an underground pinball space; and Tony DiPaolo is obsessed with artful fly-tying.

In the words of See One, "We only live once, do what you love while you're able."