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This Zine Has Issues #3 BIPOLAR DISORDER: Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illnesses

by Dave Combs Editor and Holly Combs Contributor

Bipolar disorder is the theme of this third entry in the TZHI series, tackling more candid stories about mental illness from a variety of contributors. Nicely designed and thoughtfully put together. There's plenty of stigma out there about being bipolar, but it absolutely shouldn't be that way. Part of how we change that is by hearing each others' stories. Inside you'll find personal essays, poems, artwork, and sage advice. Learn the difference between bipolar and schizophrenia and what can cause hallucinations, read a review of Ellen Forney's graphic novel Rock Steady, find meditations on how being bipolar doesn't negate all the other aspects of your personality and life that make you a whole person, an account of falling in love with a bipolar person and being married to them for 20 years and counting, and some mental health resources and hotlines.