portrait of a person attached to a clipboard next to a syringe

Autism Causes Vaccines: Stories of Neurodiverse Inventors and Discoveries

by Joe Biel Author

Just about every breakthrough discovery and some of the most innovative inventors in the history of the world have been autistic—or at least, looking back, experts have strongly suspected they were. From Len Bosack, who invented the hardware for computers to share information, to Satoshi Tajiri, inventor of Pokémon, to Ignaz Semmelweis, who discovered that hand washing kills germs. Today's societal stigma against autism is misplaced. The title, playing on the absurd myth that vaccination causes autism (with the underlying assumption that it's a disease that could or should be cured), points out that many of the scientific and cultural advances we take for granted and rely on are the direct result of the hard work, outside-the-box thinking, and singular focus of neurodiverse minds. Learn about the accomplishments of such unique individuals as Marie Curie, Benjamin Banneker, Alfred Kinsey, and more in this collection of short biographies.