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The Frugal Vegan's Harvest & Holiday Survival Guide

by Lisa Van den Boomen Author

A gigantic cookbook from Montreal spilling over with exciting recipes for people without a lot of cash to thrown down. Recipes for food, non-food, and even gift ideas! Some articles have also been thrown in to help you through those winter months when you're cold and broke! Or dealing with those awkward family dinners where they make you cook your own vegan or vegetarian food. Yikes. Get some tea, light up the fireplace, and start perusing the tasty treats in this informative zine!

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Comments & Reviews


I was INCREDIBLY surprised by the amount of information in this zine! Definitely something for everyone. Food, drink, gifts, perfume, stuff for pets.... The list goes on and on!


I really liked this one! Filled with all sorts of useful info.