Taking the Lane 3: Unsung Heroes, unfolded zine cover with pennyfarthing

Taking the Lane #3: Unsung Heroes

by Elly Blue Editor

For this issue of the feminist journal of contemporary cycling, we get a smattering of various writers taking on challenges in the bike scene through essays and interviews, such as:

- A tantalizing glimpse into the world of women bicycle racers 100 years ago. Replete with colorful characters, helpful men, and exposed ankles

- The classic, true-life fable of the hero who doesn't realize it—she's just going to work

- A battle hymn of the bicycle vs the terminal diagnosis, as chronicled many years and miles later

- A freewheeling activist maps the connections between bicycling, dance, zen, and project management strategies. She wants the next generation to know that it's going to be better than you think

Readers of past issues have described enjoying them on the bus, on an all-women's bike camping trip, and immediately upon delivery without pausing or blinking.