Welcome to Nursing Hello zine cover

Welcome to Nursing HELLo #2

by Joel Craig Author

It's the long-awaited sequel to Joel Craig's comic Welcome to Nursing HELLo! Sort of the comic book nursing version of Dave Roche's On Subbing, Craig's zine is part storytelling, part anthropology. These hilarious (and sometimes scary) tales of work in the nursing sector are peppered with a good dose of education, advice, and behind-the-scenes horror. Another great part of this zine is Craig's hand-drawn nursing board game (play along at home!) Craig's zine is a total laugh riot and you will cringe and guffaw the whole way through. The last issue of this zine was mega-popular with the non-nurses of the world but for folks who work in the biz, Welcome to Nursing HELLo is a whole different kind of gem!