Tom Tom magazine

Tom Tom #14: The Country Issue

by Mindy Abovitz and Melody Berger

The magazine that solely focuses on women drummers brings the world the country issue! Always refreshing and exciting, this issue features a very charming interview with a former drummer of The Raincoats, plus Pussy Riot, Lisa Pankrantz, Ms Bobbye Hall, Kitty, Daisy, & Lewis, Bulletproof Stockings, Willy Moon, Kitography, Recipes from the Road, the Miami Guide, Beat & Pulse, and Playing Spoons. Generally speaking, I'm not excited about country music, but I am excited to see the players in these pages be so stoked about what they're doing: playing the drums! Punk has taught us: You can do that too and have fun in the process, especially if you're queer or a woman or have a powerful message or example to display in another way! Because, as each of our experiences could probably dictate, the kinds of people you see on the metaphorical stage of life seem to either open or close doors respectively. More inspiration is packing into these pages, in the form of current events about drumming around the world, a ceramic drum set as art exhibit with hammers for sticks, seven common beginner drummer problems, plus gear reviews, an interview with a woman drum tech, record/book/dvd reviews, and a wee bit about math.