The "Have-More" Plan

The Have-More Plan: A Little Land A Lot of Living How to Make a Small Cash Income Into the Best and Happiest Living Any Family Could Want

by Ed Robinson Author and Carolyn Robinson Author

The "Have More" plan is, in the form of a giant pamphlet, a 60-year-old back-to-the-land homesteading classic that introduces you to the basics of finding land; building a homestead; growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs; raising livestock, fish, and honey bees; building farm structures; harvesting your own firewood; and much more. Vintage look, but the ideas and skills don't really go out of date. More practical than a lot of newfangled books that are focused on design more than skills, this big booklet was created in a different era where sustainable prosperity was encouraged and the consumption/minimalism dichotomy hadn't yet become the driving friction of our lives.