Cool Teen's Guide To Fingering, The

The Cool Teen's Guide To Fingering

by infoTEENment Author

So, um, teenagers: You know how there's all these "information" pamphlets written by adults who say they want to help you but actually want to lecture you and project their weird hangups onto you and tell you that everything you feel and think and want is actually kinda evil? The Cool Teen guides understand you, parody these shrill voices, and contain information about topics of a very important nature most of which make most adults extreeeemely uncomfortable. Especially when they think that you're thinking about them. We know that you have some interests and you've already seen and heard it all already. So have at it!

The Cool Teen’s Guide to: Fingering has the answers to all the burning questions cool teens want to know, like:

• Is fingering dangerous?

• Will it affect my chances of getting into a good college?

• Is fingering the reason why some people are popular, and some people aren’t?

...and so much more!

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