The Cool Teen's Guide To The Mall

The Cool Teen's Guide To The Mall

by infoTEENment Author

 In order to give an accurate blurb for this brand new infoTEENmentpublication we solicited a review* from an actual teenager, Tiffani;

"Huh. I mean I guess the Popular Girls' Corner Popularity Test by Lila and Sophie was sort of cool. I obvi got all the questions correct. I guess if I have to take a break from picking out a Claires headband or comparison shopping between Payless and Famous Footwear this would be a fun read. 

So there you have it. Teens agree; the mall is cool and so is The Cool Teen's Guide to The Mall. And how! 

*We are obligated to admit that Tiffani was paid for her review with a free copy of The Cool Teen's Guide to Fingering and a sparkly bubblegum pink LipPunch Lip Glossy Gloss