A is for Aspergers

"A" is for Aspergers: A Personal Glossary of a Spectrumy Life

by Partly Robot Author

A handy pocket guide to understanding autism

For those following my saga of the past decade, it will not be surprising when I say that I feel like this zine was made for me. One of the reviews of my book Good Trouble pleaded with the notion that there must be a radical autism zine community. Not that I know of. So when this zine’s author disclosed to me that he had Asperger’s, I pleaded with him to make this zine. The result is a little dictionary about Asperger’s, a kind of Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and related experiences and conditions. It’s about love, struggle, pain, and difficulties. And perhaps as a result of being “one of us,” Andrew has simple and clear explanations and definitions of the many nervous, mental, and emotional conditions that affect all of us to varying degrees. I learned a TON from reading this, even if it wasn’t new knowledge, I really benefitted from his unique perspective, depictions, clarifications, and personal experiences. Knowing there are others like us makes everyone less lonely. Now we must build a movement. -Joe