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Andrew Coltrin is a writer, comics artist, and disabilities advocate when not at the day job as a paraeducator for a large urban school district. For decades Andrew thought he was just weird, anxious and unexplainably broken until the DSM finally had an update that caught up with lived experience. Andrew was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 37, and informally diagnosed with ADHD by his brother in 2023 (“your DHD is Advanced”). Andrew’s previous work include the glossary zine A is for Autistic, and the zine Ability: Emerging from the Social Constraints on Neurodivergence and Disability. Andrew has also led staff trainings about neurodiversity and has spoken on panels at the Interdisciplinary Autism Research Festival (2021) and the Tucson Zine Fest (2023).

A is for Autistic: A Personal Glossary

A is for Autistic: A Personal Glossary

by Partly Robot Author and Andrew Coltrin Author

For those following my saga of the past decade, it will not be surprising when I say that I feel like this zine was made…


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