Now recruiting: Spread the Teenage Rebellion!

Spread the teenage rebellion!

A postcard urging you to spread the Teenage Rebellion!
Did you know that the Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court case was partially based on a student walk-out in Virginia? Or that 30,000 New York high school students went on strike for a week in 1950, marching on city hall each day to demand raises for their teachers? Or that high school students around the US regularly counter-protest (and troll) the Westboro Baptists?

These are just a few of the stories in Dawson Barrett’s Teenage Rebels, a book of 1-page historical vignettes about teens who rallied around the causes that were important to them, created their own destinies, and changed the world!

I know what you’re thinking – “I wish I had had a book like that when I was a teen, but now I’m grown.” Well, good news, Microcosm is making it easier to get just such a book into the hands of those who could use it.

To help spread the rebellion, we’ve created bookplates, so you can easily donate a copy to your favorite teacher, your local library, or a teenage rebel!

(Or, if you can’t think of anyone specific, we can help).

To go for it, buy a copy of the book, using your own billing address and the shipping address of the person or organization you want it to go to.

Just be sure to let us know in the order notes what you want us to write in the “To:” and (donated) “By:” fields in the bookplate.

Thanks for spreading the rebellion!