pink paper with burn marks

Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle

by Emily Nagoski Author and Amelia Nagoski Author

Are you stressed, overwhelmed, and emotionally exhausted? Do you find yourself longing to stay in bed instead of pursuing your goals, losing your cool at inappropriate times, experiencing weird health problems, doing addictive behaviors, or just clicking back and forth between windows on your screen all day long? Are you losing touch with your ability to care? That's burnout, and it can literally make you sick. Twin sisters and stress experts Emily and Amelia Nagoski are here to help. Featuring somatic strategies to get your body to stop freaking out and different approaches for facing the stressors themselves, this book is functional, approachable, and very funny. Shuck off the grip of the patriarchy and the feeling that you are obligated to do stuff constantly, and set yourself up to meet the world as your most resourced self. (Short Discount)

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