A paper-cut family of an adult male figure, adult female figure, and 2 children (one male, one female).

Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents: Practical Tools to Establish Boundaries & Reclaim Your Emotional Autonomy

by Lindsay C. Gibson, PhD Author

If you cry for an hour after every communication with your parents and need a month to recover after each visit, this one's for you. Maybe there aren't any particular abuses or signs of neglect you can point to, and everything appears fine most of the time (until you fall out of line). Likely, you blame yourself (and they blame you too!) for not feeling grateful for everything they did for you. And, you further berate yourself, you're an adult now, shouldn't you be over this by now? This wonderfully validating book points out the damage done when parents are self-absorbed and emotionally unavailable, and provides perspective—they likely passed on to you the intergenerational trauma that was passed down to them. More important it walks you through steps to build emotional safety and authentic relationships so that you can be yourself, live freely, and, best of all, break the cycle.