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Perfectly Hidden Depression: How to Break Free from the Perfectionism That Masks Your Depression

by Margaret Robinson Rutherford Author and Jennifer Marshall Foreword

Do you keep up a good storefront but everything's falling to pieces behind the scenes? That's very relatable. This book is for anyone who was raised to hide any painful emotions (even from yourself), or to feel unsafe with any kind of vulnerability. It's for those of us who are motivated primarily by shame and self-hatred to get everything right, be the perfect parent, partner, and worker, have a fit body, eat clean, take care of everything and everyone and never, ever, ever, ever ask for help. "Perfectly hidden depression" is the appallingly apt label Dr. Rutherford puts on this way of life. And yeah, we know, depression is not something you would ever allow yourself to experience. But life's real. This book can help you survive when the whole facade breaks down (or maybe even prevent that breakdown) and find your way to a more authentic, imperfect, human, and even joyful life.