an illustrated woman leans against a wall with her feet barefoot in front of her

Brown Bohemians: Honoring the Light and Magic of Our Creative Community

by Vanessa Coore Vernon Author, Morgan Ashley Author and Wendy Pruitt Author

An artful effort to honor the power and beauty of creative people of color, this new hardcover volume brings together the work of numerous creators into one elegant collection. Influenced by the deeply held belief that individual stories sculpt our collective narrative, authors and editors Vanessa Coore Vernon, Morgan Ashley, and Wendy Pruitt have assembled this first-of-its-kind collection to assist in the work of undoing centuries of oppression, colonialism, harmful media representations, non-inclusive beauty standards, and a historical lack of recognition for the work of people of color. By doing so, this collection seeks to build a new kind of community where artists and creatives of color can have their work properly recognized and appreciated, and to elevate work that has been systemically undervalued.