various flowers illustrated over a silhouette of a woman's hips and legs

The Empowerment Cycle: Know Your Flow (A Step-by-Step Guide to Chart & Understand Your Menstrual Cycle)

by Sharon Wood Author

If you've ever had a period, you know that they can be annoying, painful, and disruptive to your daily life. That's why author Sharon Wood has designed this book to make your menstruation as easy and pain-free as possible. By tracking your period and working to understand each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle, you can actually harness the power of your period to help you accomplish more than you otherwise would. Rather than ignoring or working against your body, pay attention to your cycle and learn to structure your time around your period so that you can plan for success. A potent tool, The Empowerment Cycle is a book any menstruating person should familiarize themselves with.