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Stolen Focus: Why You Can't Pay Attention - And How To Think Deeply Again

by Johann Hari Author

In this timely new book, author Johann Hari explains the various factors that contribute to our distractedness as a culture. Studies suggest that teenagers can only focus on a task for an average of sixty-five seconds at a time, while office workers fare only a bit better, with an average around three minutes. Hari experienced this distractedness as well, and began to feel as though constantly switching between devices, applications, and web pages was creating a serious drain on his mental health and his mental capacity. Through a series of interviews with experts from around the world, Hari explores the twelve deep causes of this crisis, examining the ways in which everything from big tech to rising pollution has stolen our focus. A fascinating read for anyone struggling with their attention, and for managers looking to find ways to increase productivity and focus around the office.