How To Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic

How To Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic

by Ariel Dorfman Author

Is Walt Disney that innocent? Why are there no parents in his comic books? How come the natives and savages always give up their riches to the duck invaders? What are Huey, Dewey and Louie doing in Vietnam? The Chilean people began to ask these and other questions in revolutionary Chile in 1970. This seminal deconstruction was, of course, banned and burned during the fascist period in Chile, and is still banned here in America (Disney will sue into oblivion anyone who publishes it). A product of the political struggle, the book is a profound and imaginative critique of the sacred cow of children's culture: the Disney myth. Isn't it time you discovered why the only way you could read this for decades was via bootleg?

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man i can't tell if that comment by norstein beckler was a joke or not, i hope it was for his or her sake. they are some of the most racist and nationalistic propaganda to hit the mainstream ever. there's a hipster trend of downloading all these cartoons from wwII era and after just to reveal the true nature of walt disney.


I haven't read this title either, but just based on this review i thought i'd mention that Disney has always been walking arm in arm with the upper echelons of the United States & that hidden messages in Donald Duck cartoons aren't the place to find this information. Donald Duck cartoons are among the best product the Disney company has released & what really needs to be taken down is every movie they put out after 1970 or so. Especially the pretty princess cartoons like Little Mermaid & Beauty & the Beast. They're just crap. Early Disney is great, classic material.