Photo of a lookout station with a circular map that overlooks hills covered in fire smoke.

Fire Season: Field Notes From a Wilderness Lookout

by Philip Connors Author

Fire season is something that the world has become increasingly aware of as climate change rages - especially as it begins to affect more than just the American west. Fire Season is an absorbing chronicle of the days and nights of one of the last fire lookouts in the American West. Evoking and honoring the hermitude and celebration of the fire lookout, this adventure makes for something profoundly disturbing and restorative as we face the next fire season and question what to do next.

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I have her right outside my cubicle to remind me that I am trying to do something good for people, even if it takes place in a cubicle.


Our kitten is named after her. I want to hang this over her bed.


The mother of anarchy...someone who should be shined upon!