1000 unforgettable senior moments by tom friedman

1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments: Of Which We Could Remember Only 246

by Tom Friedman Author

No, you’re not losing your mind. And no, you’re definitely not alone.

There’s Jimmy Carter, forgetting nuclear launch codes in a suit at the dry cleaners. Rod Stewart fumbling for the name of the intense first love who inspired “Maggie Mae.” G. K. Chesterton writing an extensive letter to his mother announcing the good news about his engagement—while his mother is in the room with him. Marilyn Monroe blowing the same line through 52 different takes while filming Some Like It Hot.

Celebrating history’s greatest mental lapses, this is the perfect impulse book, in the fine gift format of Famous Last Words.

Not just outlandishly funny, it’s also a book of great comfort—after all, having a senior moment puts you in pretty awesome company of Einstein, Lincoln, Beethoven, Newton, Toscanini, and a whole assortment of presidents, poets, philosophers, popes, and Nobel Prize–winners. Talk about gaffes; here are best men forgetting to show up at the wedding, judges staggered by the incompetence of their previous decisions senators frozen in front of TV cameras. Olympic officials gaze absently while bewildered runners continue through the finish line, Bono loses the only copy of his lyrics to a new album. [Try not to] Forget to pick up your copy today!