getting past no

Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult Situations

by William L. Ury Author

Ok, so you read Getting to Yes. You figured out the stakes and decided what your BATNA is. You stuck to the issues and never got personal. You listened like a champ and took many, many deep breaths and breaks to look at the big picture. And still... it's not working.  Your difficult situation still isn't being resolved in a way that you can live with. This book is for when the going gets tough and you're up against a negotiation where the other side has no interest in getting anywhere near a "yes." Maybe it's because you're negotiating with a stubborn boss who doesn't intend to allow you to have your legally-mandated break. Or maybe it's a huge corporation that will pull no punches to gain water rights to the land you're trying to protect. Maybe you're up against a parent who wants to teach you an ill-advised lesson, a city bureaucrat bent on obstruction, or an ex with a major axe to grind. Or maybe you just really, really wanted something and you can't have it. It happens! William Ury shows you the 5 basic tools you need to handle yourself in response to a firm "no"—productively, with dignity, and without striking back. We wish you luck!