Cats I Have Known book cover

Cats I've Known: On Love, Loss, and Being Graciously Ignored

by Katie Haegele

From deep friendships to brief encounters, this is the story of the cats in Katie Haegele's life, or rather the story of her life in relation to the many cats she meets in Philadelphia's streets, alleys, houses, apartments, and bookstores. Through Haegele's sharp, wise, and at times hilarious gaze, we see cats for what they truly are: minor deities that mostly ignore the human foibles being played out around them. They accept our offerings with equanimity and occasionally bestow some nice thing on us. Haegele, author of White Elephants and Slip of the Tongue, has a unique and compelling sensibility, and it's a treat to see the world through her eyes as she shows us all the meanness, weirdness, and vulnerability of humans, against an ever-shifting backdrop of the cats we often take for granted, and who ignore us all democratically in return.


mon 6/26 10:58am

"En “Cats I´ve known“, por un lado, aparece una de las corrientes inagotables de la literatura norteamericana, la corriente whitmaniana para la cual todo merece ser poetizado y celebrado, y por otro, un tono introspectivo donde hay espacio para la reflexión y lo íntimo."

["In "Cats I've known", on the one hand, there appears one of the inexhaustible currents of American literature, the Whitmanian current for which everything deserves to be poetized and celebrated, and on the other, an introspective tone where there is room for reflection And the intimate."]

mon 6/5 3:57pm

"...does a good job of capturing the bond that can form between humans and animals."