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Bisexual Men Exist: A Handbook for Bisexual, Pansexual and M-Spec Men

by Vaneet Mehta Author

In this empowering book, author Vaneet Mehta takes on the pervasive biphobia in our culture, especially as it's directed at bisexual men. All too often, bi, pan, or m-spec (multi-gender attracted spectrum) men are told that they must really be gay, or that they're being greedy, or that they have to 'pick a side'. Mehta confronts that mindset forcefully, offering the reader advice and personal stories about everything from coming out, to dating, relationships, health, and more. Breaking down stereotypes and combatting the skepticism that bi men are so often greeted with, Bisexual Men Exist is a call for recognition and a balm for bi men who have felt invalidated or erased because of their orientation.