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Get on Top of Your Pleasure, Sexuality & Wellness: A Vagina Revolution

by Meika Hollender Author and Alexander Zissu Author

A straightforward take on female sexuality, navigating periods, safe sex, self pleasure, and all the other aspects you might not have thought about until this book. Written with the succinct, bold styling of a women's magazine, Get on Top shares several options / methods available today (such as various materials for tampons, cups, and specialty underwear), answers questions not openly discussed IRL (like "Why is anal sex considered riskier than other sex, or is it?"), and featuring side bars on uncomfortable yet important topics (including the art of condoms and squirting).

Join Meika Hollender in destigmatizing female sexuality and taking ownership of your body. Rather than guessing what's going on, let this helpful guide lead you on the journey of healthy, fulfilling experiences.

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