Pin #097: Direct Action

Pin #097Direct Action

by Joe Biel Author

Direct Action is a form of political activism which seeks immediate remedy for injustice, as opposed to petitioning or advocating for change, such as electing representatives who promise to provide remedy later. Direct action can include such activities as strikes, creating social centers, performing street theatre, sabotage, sit-ins, squatting, revolutionary/guerrilla warfare, demonstrations, vandalism or graffiti. Direct actions are often a form of civil disobedience and are sometimes illegal. Utilizing creativity and resources, direct action participants aim to obstruct another political agent or organization from performing objectionable practice or to solve problems that societal institutions fail to address. Just because you'e doing direct action doesn't mean that you can't also participate in advocacy such as voting in elections and targeted boycotts as part of a larger campaign.

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Loving it


My dad wont let me put it on my guitar strap cuz he thinks since Itll give the impression that I'm a terrorist.


This button inspired me to get Direct Action tattooed on my forearm ~SFS~