A bunch of books and movies about building diy culture like microcosm and the zines of the 90s

$25 Superpack: Build Your Own Microcosm

by Super Pack! Author

We want to empower you to follow your dreams! Ever dreamed about creating your own Microcosm-like thing? This huge stack of books is for you. 

Read about our history (and learn from our mistakes without making them yourself!) in Good Trouble. Absorb some classic zine culture, ideas, and aesthetics by reading through our sampler 13 Years of Good Luck, zine compilation Zine Yearbook #9, and two random issues of zine review zine Xerography Debt.

We've got some movie lore for you as well: $100 and a T-Shirt is our documentary about zines in the Pacific Northwest, and X-Ray Visions is the story of a unique music space in Portland in the 90s. 

Knowing your history and getting your values firmed up are key, but business skills are also important to actually getting it done, so we are also including two books in this pack about how to do the nitty gritty stuff: Grow is your creative small business mentor in book form, and Make a Zine will teach you everything you didn't even know you needed to know about publishing zines and books and even putting out records.