Ben Snakepit standing cross-armed in front of a colorful (red, blue, and yellow) wall and door.

$50 Superpack: Snake Pit 2001-2015

by Ben Snakepit Author

FIFTEEN years of Snake Pit! Six books! Snake Pit is nothing if not consistent in its inconsistency! Follow the patterns and days of Ben's life while you watch him developing his artistic style over more than a decade of drawing three panel comics to summarize every day of his life. 

As Ben has evolved, so have his publishers, and every book has a different finish on the cover. The reissued 2001-2003 has a scuff-free matte. 2004-2006 has an acqueous coat. 2007 has no finish, just raw paper (like Snakepit itself). 2008 has a normal matte. 2009 has full gloss. Snake Pit Gets Old (2010-2012) has a spot gloss (turn the book toward the light to see the hidden scene playing out on Ben's lawn!) And now Manor Threat, the 2013-2015 book, is here at last with a special veneer of age, wisdom, and perspective! Read them all and get caught up on how much Ben's storytelling of his life changes through his twenties and over the course of his thirties. He begins as a young, partying rock-n-roller and slowly calms down to discover that happiness isn't an out of control party, but a trusting relationship with someone he develops intimacy with (and spoiler alert: he continues to play bands). And then eventually... well, you'll have to read the newest book to find out!