Three people rolling up the street like carpet while cars are on it. There is also the text “Fuck Cars” displayed.

Patch #037Fuck Cars

Pack em up boys. We’re so done will all the harm and accidents cars have brought to us and our home! It’s time to clean up and that’s starting with the machine that wasted so many natural resources! If they won’t leave, then we’ll just have to roll em up.

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England should be ashamed of it's attitude towards the ecodestrian. Cycle lanes are readily ignored, pedestrians routinely abused....fuck cars indeed, and the self obsessed, arrogant dicks who don't think twice about putting themselves first when using one to drive half a mile to drop their kids off at school before heading back home and doing nothing all day.


.. “Bicycling is a big part of the future. It has to be. There’s something wrong with a society that drives a car to workout in a gym.” (Bill Nye, the Science Guy)


My two cents? I don't think cars are the problem, so much as their overuse. Personal motorized transportation is useful for moving things, or taking long-distance trips that cannot be conveniently or efficiently taken by train/bus. Semi trucks are necessary to move cargo from the freight train yard to wherever it needs to go. The problem develops when too many people decide to drive everywhere, rather than only using a car when it's truly the best mode of transportation.


ride on, bicycling genderqueer siblings!


This is my all-time favorite!!! Ride on Bicycling Brothers!!!