an illustrated forest filled with protestors holding signs, sitting in trees with little lookouts built into them

Pyhäjoki Antinuclear Camp Poster

by Justseeds Author

In 2015, Finland was preparing to construct a new nuclear power plant on the Hanhikivi Peninsula, near the town of Pyhäjoki. But when anti-nuclear activists and eco-anarchists caught wind of the plans, they hurried to the proposed site and occupied it for a year, camping out in the woods and preventing any construction from commencing. In April of 2016, the camp was violently cleared and the protesters were evicted, but their direct action had had the desired effect: the plans for the nuclear plant were put on ice. Construction on the plant began in 2021, but by May of 2022, as the war in Ukraine got underway, the plans were permanently scrapped in the face of the potential dangers of constructing a nuclear plant so close to Russia, and in collaboration with the Russian state-owned nuclear power company Rosatom. Memorialize the success of the activists that brought construction to a halt with this poster from the Celebrate People's History series!