an illustration of an ambulance and a city street grid at the top and a photograph of a multiracial group of men standing in front of an ambulance below.

Freedom Ambulance Service Poster

by Justseeds Author

In 1967, Freedom House Ambulance Service was founded to serve the predominantly Black Hill District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and became the first ambulance service to provide more than basic first aid to those it served. The next year, during the 1968 riots, the first class of paramedic trainees graduated early in order to assist nearly 5,000 patients with pre-hospital emergency care. The city of Pittsburgh and its mayor Peter Flaherty would go on to dismantle and destroy the Freedom House Ambulance Service by creating a better funded alternative and refusing to hire former Freedom House paramedics. Those who were hired did not advance through the ranks, and were often placed in positions subordinate to white employees with less experience. Celebrate People's History with this poster commemorating the work of Freedom House. Put it up in your classroom, office, home, or wherever else you feel like honoring the work these paramedics did.