Sticker #067: Something Smells Like Gentrification

Sticker #067Something Smells Like Gentrification

by Joe Biel Author

Gentrification is the process of turning old, decaying neighborhoods (normally housing minorities) into new, exciting rich communities (and displacing the original residents as a result). This is done by installing a few key features like art galleries and expensive restaurants. Then the city increases property taxes slowly which in turn increases rent. In the end people eventually can't afford to live in their own homes. They move out (does this remind you of the gov't's policy for dealing with Native Americans in the 1800s?) and in move the rich, white people.

(Sturdy vinyl sticker with white print on a black background. Reads: "something smells like gentrification around here..." in bold letters)

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Why is it that whenever something becomes a matter of privilege and education its always "whitewashed"? it's offensive to assume that only white people can reach that level of particular success. I'm sure that if it were minorities who were taking broken down homes and shitty neighborhoods "away from" economically disadvantaged white people, there wouldn't be a problem.


i work in the nc mental health system. i work specifically with bi-polar youth who have medicaid or nc health choice insurance...that means that over 80% of my clients also receive stamps, have work first assistance and/or live in section 8 housing etc etc. also, i live in a nice house in a not-so-nice community in west asheville where the section 8 houses around me are the rowdy-at-3am drug dealers who do indeed receive welfare. (i know b/c some of these loud junkies are my clients' parents. lovely.)

no one is entirely right on this one, and no one is wrong. gentrification isn't right and hard work isn't wrong. money will push the poor out of the way and as much as i'd like to complain about gentrification i can't, because it's what's cleaning the druggies out of my own neighborhood and helping me sleep safely at night.


I like the comment about the NAtives and white people...I think the evil Wasichu should go back to Europe


I think that there's a sociological study that found that only 15% of people one welfare are abusing it.

Isn't that interesting since so many people claim that drug addicts and mexicans are "stealing" our welfare?

The media and ignorant motherfuckers are extremely talented at perpetuating such "facts".


most people on welfare are single moms. drug users don't have to rely on the state, moron. ever heard of theft, robbery, omg maybe selling drugs? you morons who whine about welfare don't understand welfare. you listen to too much FOX news.


This is sadly being done to the downtown Las Vegas arts district.. :[


Mike-in the town in Indiana I live in, I see so many people who are on welfare, who CHOOSE not to work. Instead, they CHOOSE to drink and use drugs (meth is a HUGE problem here). Heck, if they can get by on welfare and not work, then why work if it wouldn't help them out hardly any? At least that's the logic they follow. I don't think he was assuming, he seems to know people personally, and know that this is what happened.


I don't see how you could assume; parents with several children aren't hardworking; JUST because they're on welfare.

And how making money off selling other peoples' artwork in a house you inherited is considered hardworking; is beyond me.

I don't know about "East Nashville"; but here in Memphis; there is an undersupply of low income jobs. Not everyone has the capability or the money to go to college so they can be "entrepreneurs", you know. And so people are stuck without employment. It's either depend upon the welfare system or live on the street. It doesn't help matters when rich suburban "entrepreneurs" move in to gentrify (in many cases "whitewash") the area.


Wow, here in East Nashville all of the alcoholic drunk ass people who lived with their parents till they died have all sold their parents houses they inherited for a mint and young hard working entrepreneurs have bought them, tricked them out,and YES, built art galleries where I can sell my art work. Used to my neighbors would come over and drink beer on the porch after yelling at their stupid welfare , non working family members,IE, drug dealers, pan handelers....ETC.... Now they drive up in nice cars ask me how I am and go in and play and read to their children....You want to do something more constuctive than complaining...Clean up your credit, grow your own food , save your money, start your own tree business, or landscaping company...get rich...give money to dying children your own house before the market in an area explodes...HOPE THE DRUNK WELFARE NEIGHBORS ARE REPLACED BY HARD WORKING PEOPLE THAT HELP RAISE YOUR PROPERTY VALUE ...SELL YOUR HOUSE....MAKE A TON OF MONEY....MOVE TO THE COUNTRY AND RIDE YOUR BICYCLE AROUND YOUR FARM AND EAT ONLY VEGTABLES AND DIE OF OSTEOPOROSIS


there goes the neighborhood.


Around where I live in the UK every cool old place is getting torn down and getting a GAP store or a housing estate of rabbit hutches around.. it drives me crazy! Some of the coolest places to ride are gone, old cool independant shops are 2 up 2 down condos, historically cool places are gone, there are no open space. Hell they're even building an estate on a chemical dump (that's right in the middle of the outskirts of our town.. (oxymoron i know) WHY?). Say it loud and proud: enough is enough!


One individual cannot cause gentrification so live where you want. The real estate agents are to blame.