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Boyfriend 411: Your Guide to Emotions, Communication, and Decoding Men

by Joe Biel Author

A comprehensive guide to all the questions you never knew you had about boyfriends. If you're looking for a boyfriend or already have one, this zine - written in a Q & A style - can provide some context and some answers as to why he behaves the way he does, and fill you in on the 411 for questions you may feel too shy or uncomfortable to ask him yourself. How do I know if someone likes me? What's a red flag in someone I'm considering dating? Is a guy lying if he says he prefers smaller breasts? Men can be frustrating, and the way our society has conditioned them to act in intimate relationships can be difficult terrain to navigate. This zine acts as a roadmap and a guide for all your frequently asked questions, and may help you develop a better rapport and communication style with your partner.