a kitten wearing overalls and holding a blunt with stars overhead and grass with a small flower underfoot

Kittens, Blunts, & Metastatic Breast Cancer: 31 Days of Oversharing

by Deena Chafetz Author and Ariel Gore Illustrator

In this brutally and totally honest zine, author Deena Chafetz describes her ongoing struggle with metastatic breast cancer and the various social, medical, and financial hardships that come with the territory. It turns out, a lot of the things that you might feel compelled to say to someone with incurable cancer are actually the wrong thing. The story about your aunt who died of cancer? Not helpful. For those who are in a similar medical situation, this zine will hopefully make you laugh and feel acknowledged. For those without a cancer diagnosis, this zine offers some vital context and can help you be a better friend to folks who are struggling with cancer.